Re: ISSUE-19 (point-encoding): How should we represent points? [Core FPWD]

Jens, I think you probably mean to support both point formats, and only use the GeoRSS GML format (more brevity) for lines and polygons? I can live with that.

The OGC: Making location count...

On Jun 10, at 9:58 AM, Jens de Smit wrote:

> I've heard (on the list and on the call yesterday) arguments for both
> the short, space separated form and the long, individual key form.
> Brevity and conformance to GML/GeoRSS are arguments for the short
> form, ease of lookups/XSLT and explicit naming of lat/lon/alt for the
> latter.
> Saying "let's use both" obviously places the burden on the
> implementors... but I think this is still manageable, so I'd like to
> see both.

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