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Updated Location Primitive

From: Seiler, Karl <karl.seiler@navteq.com>
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2011 09:42:26 -0600
To: "public-poiwg@w3.org" <public-poiwg@w3.org>
Message-ID: <0B559C0AA6C114479A87C752A04E343E05D71F6533@hq-ex-mb02.ad.navteq.com>

Below is a 2nd draft of the location primitive based on your feedback and review of the initial draft. Will post on the POIWG Wiki.

Locations Primitive
Provide a rich and flexible description of a location
De-couple or isolate the description of a Place of Interest from its geospatial location, since many Places can be at the same location, and Places of Interest can change locations.
A Place of Interest can be a parent to other Places Of Interest each with its own location to allow for the representation of complex places that are the aggregate of a collection of Places (campuses, business with multiple entrances, large constructs like parks, etc.).
It should not be inferred that each of the elements within the location primitive are not spatially synonymous, but do refer to the same place.
A Place Of Interest must have a location
A Place of Interest must have one location.
High Level Attribution:
Place Of Interest
...other descriptive primitives
Location : required
Identification : required
Geo-Reference : required

Supported by : Change-Reference primitive : optional
<to be defined later, for reuse across other primitives and attributes to describe ownership and change data>
<for example below>
Last Updated On : Date/Time  (optional)
Updated By : owner / author (optional)
For Use By : public, private, restrictions (optional)
Current Status : Active, blocked, deleted (optional)
Trustworthiness : degree of certainty the author has in the accuracy of the information in the associated primitive, based on a 5 star (high) to 1 star (low) simple rating
Location Attribution Details
Location : required
Identification : required
ID :  required : +Change-Reference : number or string
Name : optional : +Change-Reference : reference or name
Path to ID : optional : +Change-Reference : URL path to the Identification System or Service : Change-Reference
Associations : optional : +Change-Reference : list of other replacement, old or depreciated IDs that belong to this ID  : Change-Reference
Geo-Reference : required
<must include at least one of the location types below>
Center : optional : +Change-Reference : center of the parcel, building area, largely for display
Coordinates : required
System : optional : assumes WGS 84 (optional)
Longitude : required
Latitude : required
Altitude : optional : defines the height in meters above or below sea level
Navigation-Point : optional : +Change-Reference : point that is the logical destination for routing
Coordinates : required : <see above for details>
Address : optional : +Change-Reference : any civil address
Country : required : ISO country code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 country code)
Language : required : ISO Language Code (3-alpha MARC language)
Street : optional : can contain a variable mix of house number prefix, suffix, street base name and or street type
Floor : optional : +/- number
Suite : optional
Region : optional : repeating : can contain a variable mix of administrative regions,: neighborhood, city, state, etc.
Postal-code : optional
                Route : optional : +Change-Reference : for representing routes and traces
Point : required : repeating for a directed linked list of points
Type : required : one of : Start/End/way point
Coordinates : required : <see above for details>
Area : optional : +Change-Reference : for representing a line-bounded area
Point : required : repeating for a directed linked list of points
Type : required : one of : Start/End/way point
Coordinates : required : <see above for details>
Object : optional : +Change-Reference : for representing a 3D object, building, etc.
Undetermined : optional : +Change-Reference : for representing a location as yet undetermined, such that a Place and its description can exist prior to the final location being resolved
Map : optional: +Change-Reference : for associations to digital, navigable maps
Supplier : required : NAVTEQ, TeleAtlas, Google, OSM, etc.
Version : required : Q1 2011, OSM v3.16, etc.
Map-Object-ID : required
Side : optional : side of street, left / right / end
Spot : % distance from the Map object's reference end-point
Relative : optional : +Change-Reference : repeating : for representing a relative reference as opposed to an absolute geo-spatial location
Reference-type : required : one of : Center, Navigation-Point, Address, Route, Area, Object, Relative, Map
Relative-Location-Object : required : ID or location object (ID) this relative reference refers to
Distance-From : required
Bearing-To: required
Relative height : optional

Karl Seiler
Director Location Technology & Services
NAVTEQ - Chicago
(T)  +312-894-7231
(M) +312-375-5932

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Subject: Pachube and POI


During our meeting January 26 I agreed to do some research on Pachube as a basis for understanding the needs/possible synergies between this platform and the POI WG work.

The specific area we would like to better understand is how to manage the frequent requests for information, and frequent updates to information in a database. I thought that the requirements we have for objects which are changing locations over time might have something in common with what Pachube does.

I want to introduce those of you who are not familiar with it to the system.

From the home page:

Pachube is a data brokerage platform for the internet of things, managing millions of datapoints per day from thousands of individuals, organisations & companies around the world. Pachube's powerful and scalable infrastructure enables you to build 'Internet of Things' products and services, and store, share & discover realtime sensor, energy and environment data from objects, devices & buildings around the world.

I suggest that you study:




What are your thoughts?




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