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Re: Next steps

From: Thomas Wrobel <darkflame@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2010 22:08:46 +0200
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To: "Hermodsson, Klas" <Klas.Hermodsson@sonyericsson.com>
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2010/8/20 Hermodsson, Klas <Klas.Hermodsson@sonyericsson.com>:
> On Aug 20, 2010, at 9:14 , Jens de Smit wrote:
> On 19/08/2010 09:49, Hermodsson, Klas wrote:
> I think two levels (i.e. [criteria]<>[data]) is too simplistic. I would like to see a three level approach:
> [criteria]<>[representation]<>[actual data]
> I'm not really seeing this (yet). They way you put it, isn't the
> representation implicit in the type of data that's being linked? As in,
> if the [actual data] is X3D we're dealing with a "visual" representation
> (of the subtype "3D model") and if it's an OGG container with a Vorbis
> stream inside it's an "aural" representation, etc.
> I may be using some terms that are not really suitable above. Let's take a concrete example to illustrate:
> - Company A has a sign with their logo on outside their stores
> - When this logo is detected the company wants a spinning sphere with the logo on to be displayed while a music piece is playing
> - If you select/activate/click this spinning sphere the latest ad is played back as a video
> Criteria: if computer vision detection of the logo occurs (criteria expressed in suitable markup language)
> Representation: a spinning sphere + music (layout and resources of this representation expressed in suitable markup language)
> Actual data: the video ad (content in specific format stored reached through some URI and over suitable protocol)
>...Maybe what I call representation is what other people call data? Note that both representation and data may need "layout" markup to explain how it should appear in our real world.

Yes, I see both of them as data.  The "representation" is, presumably,
a 3d file set spinning and a wave file of some sort.
When I say [data] <> [criteria] I am enclosure of those formats.

The fact that that data can, in tern, act as a trigger to further data
(when the user clicks it) imho doesn't change the fact the original
information popping up is also itself data formats that have been
linked to the trigger. So to me your scenario is two separate
[data]<>[criteria] associations.

I think the difference here is the first (the automatic appearing of
the sphere+music), is a passive/auto triggered event, and the "user
selects" is a manual one.
You could just as easily have a video file as the "representation" in
this scenario, that then pops up a big 3d file for the "data". So I'm
not really seeing the separation myself.

I do think there is variably presentation issues, but I see this akin
to feeding device's different data based on their specifications. Akin
to the @media in css. So, as part of the criteria, we should also be
able to specify its intended for a certain device.

-Thomas Wrobel
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