Re: [pointerevents] `touch-action: none` behavior is intuitive in Firefox, confusing in Chrome. The spec should be clearer. (#387)

going right back to the original demo the problem is solved it seems by adding `user-select:none` to the `<lume-node>` - as was suggested early on in this thread.

the fact that firefox chooses to apparently also suppress user selection in this case while chrome doesn't is their choice, but it's outside of what's currently spec'd in pointer events. and as `user-select` is the already standardised solution here, i don't see what the advantage would be to also duplicate this same behaviour specifically in `touch-action` as well.

as for futher features/values for `touch-action` like a threshold, suggest these be filed as separate suggestions.

a further suggestion: it's generally counter-productive to try to garner support for your idea by first mentioning how surprised you are that a person isn't just jumping at your idea, and having a go at them for not putting in the effort to do your homework.

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