Re: [pointerevents] `touch-action: none` behavior is intuitive in Firefox, confusing in Chrome. The spec should be clearer. (#387)

I hope you can see my frustration as an end user of web APIs @patrickhlauke.

Also the fact that Firefox doesn't have the issue but Chrome does seems like a valid reason not to close this.

> I believe `touch-action:none` should prevent _all_ default interaction

What about new options for `touch-action` like `prevent-all` (more powerful than `none`, actually stop everything, another name may be `user-defined`), `tap-only` (movements are ignored, so no panning or text selection, clicks work), `movement-only`, etc?

Maybe something like `touch-move-threshold` can take a number. If movement is less than threshold, then `touch-action: tap-only` may allow taps, and browsers have a default. Etc.

Any other ideas?

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