[pointerevents] Lost pointer issue - spec or browser bug? (#407)

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== Lost pointer issue - spec or browser bug? ==

On OSX 11.5.2 (at least), in Chrome 92, Firefox 91, Safari 14.1.2 I see these events:

1. Press down left mouse button somewhere on the page - `pointerdown`
1. With the left mouse button still down, click the right mouse button. This should open a context menu. - `contextmenu`
1. Release the left mouse button - no event
1. Click the left mouse button outside the context menu - no event

This means, as far as my code is aware, the left pointer is still down. I would have expected a `pointerup` or `pointercancel` for this pointer at some point.

If I click the left button after these steps, Chrome and Firefox fire a `pointerdown` and a `pointerup`, whereas Safari only fires the `pointerup`, as if it's 'correcting' for the stuck pointer.

Am I missing something, or is this a spec/browser issue?

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