Minutes from Pointer Events WG call 3 March 2021

Dear all,

minutes from today's call are at 
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03 March 2021

mustaq, Patrick_H_Lauke
Patrick H. Lauke


* Reword/expand touch-action definition 
* Major refactoring: refer to "direct manipulation" rather than "touch" 

Meeting minutes
Patrick: not sure if Olli's going to join, not heard anything though

# Reword/expand touch-action definition 
[Discussion around continuous/non-continuous zooming, decided that we 
should add a definition of "continuous zooming" in the non-normative 

ACTION: Patrick to add a glossary definition for continuous zooming as 
part of this PR

Mustaq: additional concern that manipulation explicitly talks about 
continuous and non-continuous zooming, but these terms weren't used in 
the other values

Patrick: could change in auto and none where it says "zooming" being 
explicit that it means "(continuous and non-continuous)"

Mustaq: yes that should do it

Patrick: i'll do that as well as part of this PR

# Major refactoring: refer to "direct manipulation" rather than "touch" 
Mustaq: not had time to review, but will for next time

Patrick: no problem, we'll carry over to next week. Maybe Olli will also 
have time to review this for then

Patrick: just mentioning Philippe's comment again about the line between 
talking about, and defining, gestures. we're fine at the moment

Patrick: we'll keep it short today, as no point going over that second 
PR in detail over phone. we'll reconvene in 2 weeks' time. I'll make the 
additions to the first PR

Mustaq: I'll have time this Friday to review the second PR

ACTION: Mustaq to review PR 350 and comment on github

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