Re: Multitouch Pointer Events to Work As Legacy Mouse Events


I'd suggest that it's tough to debug your issue without seeing an actual 
reduced test case/example. If you could put something online that'd be 


On 23/12/2020 13:06, Doğancan Kebude wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have been trying to implement an interactive device that supports 
> multitouch to present some information. Mainly I have a sole button on 
> an html page that opens with a pointerdown event and closes with the 
> pointerup event occuring for the pointer with the original pointerId. So 
> a pointer should be on top of the button at all times to view the rest 
> of the data. Since the button is the only thing on the page, the 
> pointerdown event will always be the primary event (I think this is 
> important since -as far as I understood- the non-primary pointer events 
> cannot produce compatibility mouse events).
> The button then opens up an interface where I can do the following with 
> the *mouse *(again, as far as I understand, mouse also generates a 
> primary pointer event):
> 1. Play a standard html video,
> 2. Scroll through a standard html text,
> 3. Slide through a slick.js carousel.
> Then again, as far as I understand, all of these elements are compatible 
> with legacy mouse events. However, when I try to achieve any one of the 
> above-mentioned trio I receive no response.
> * I have tried disabling touch events through touch-action: none on my 
> CSS file and that didn't solve the issue.
> * I have tried to dispatch mouse events on pointer events and still no 
> response.
> * I have tried doing these actions on a page with no other elements, 
> while I have a primary pointer somewhere else on the page and no 
> response either.
> Hence, I am looking for a way to get response from the abovementioned 
> elements with pointers.
> Sorry for my English, a non-native speaker here. And also please excuse 
> me if I am missing something important. I have been developing a lot of 
> Python; but I am new to this.
> Best wishes,
> Dogancan

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