Multitouch Pointer Events to Work As Legacy Mouse Events

Hello all,

I have been trying to implement an interactive device that supports
multitouch to present some information. Mainly I have a sole button on an
html page that opens with a pointerdown event and closes with the pointerup
event occuring for the pointer with the original pointerId. So a pointer
should be on top of the button at all times to view the rest of the data.
Since the button is the only thing on the page, the pointerdown event will
always be the primary event (I think this is important since -as far as I
understood- the non-primary pointer events cannot produce compatibility
mouse events).

The button then opens up an interface where I can do the following
with the *mouse
*(again, as far as I understand, mouse also generates a primary pointer

1. Play a standard html video,
2. Scroll through a standard html text,
3. Slide through a slick.js carousel.

Then again, as far as I understand, all of these elements are compatible
with legacy mouse events. However, when I try to achieve any one of the
above-mentioned trio I receive no response.

* I have tried disabling touch events through touch-action: none on my CSS
file and that didn't solve the issue.
* I have tried to dispatch mouse events on pointer events and still no
* I have tried doing these actions on a page with no other elements, while
I have a primary pointer somewhere else on the page and no response either.

Hence, I am looking for a way to get response from the abovementioned
elements with pointers.

Sorry for my English, a non-native speaker here. And also please excuse me
if I am missing something important. I have been developing a lot of
Python; but I am new to this.

Best wishes,

Received on Wednesday, 23 December 2020 18:16:24 UTC