Re: [pointerevents] touch-action and scrolling directional lock (#303)

Just joining this thread (as an end-developer). I've attempted to come up to speed on this topic, so please forgive me if I get any assumptions wrong. But I had a thought this morning that might be useful.

It seems like some type of spec'd "scroll-track-locking" API might be useful to control the track direction browsers allow, specifically, once a touch/scroll event has already been started.

This linked issue: shows an example where scrolling may be desired in one direction, but it may still be useful for advanced gestures to allow scrolling in another direction, and to allow that change to occur programmatically (or via CSS, etc). 

E.g. Consider a scenario where a users starts scrolling an element (like a swiper) horizontally, but reaches an arbitrary boundary 
where they can then interact on the vertical axis. Locking horizontal scroll, and switching to vertical scroll could be a useful pattern.

I don't know if "on the fly directional lock", after an event/events have been started, is something being considered, but thought I'd throw it into the mix as something that could benefit from spec'd behavior. Since apparently some browsers (as I gather from reading) handle this differently.

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