Re: [pointerevents] Changing the DOM hierarchy while handling a "pointerenter" event produces significantly different results across browsers (#285)

I have an early draft for some [proposed algorithms for UIEvents](

This document is still very much a WIP and it's in a separate document for now until it matures and has some general acceptance. But I feel that it's a reasonable start for documenting the UIEvent algorithms.

Of interest to Pointer Events, is the [algorithm for handling mouse move events](

I added hooks where the pointer events would be called, and broke them out into a separate [Pointer Event]( section.  My intent is that the Pointer Events section of that document would eventually be moved into the Pointer Events spec.

Because of the lack of agreement between UAs on the firing order for the events, I needed to pick one that fit well with the algorithm for the other mouse events. Because each PointerEvent has a corresponding MouseEvent, the events are interleaved and the PointerEvent method is given the mouse event that is about to fire. This allows it to copy attributes if a PointerEvent needs to be created and fired.

I left most of the PointerEvent details as TODOs because I'm primarily interested in *when/where* to call the PE hooks rather than the exact details of how the PE spec decides if the PE should fire.

Let me know if you have any comments or feedback.

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