Early warning: PEWG meeting next week 22 July

Hi all,

with over a week's warning, just wanted to get the next call in the 
calendar and give us time to have a look at things. As ever, life has 
gotten in the way of making progress on this from my side, but things 
are hopefully quieting down a bit again (part of this was a change in 
job/affiliation, as you may have seen from my latest PR).

I think we have a chunk of issues that it would be good to tackle. 
Personally, I'd suggest starting with these 
https://github.com/w3c/pointerevents/issues/created_by/graouts as they 
affect WebKit implementation, and to see if we can clear some of the 
really old issues hanging around at the other end in 

Is next week Wednesday good for everybody to meet?


Patrick H. Lauke

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