Questions/discussions points for F2F at TPAC 2018 next week

Dear all,

although I originally indicated we'd probably only need one day, we have 
- as you can see from the schedule - been given two slots 
(Thursday and Friday). I don't think we necessarily need both, so could 
I ask participants here what their preferred day would be / what works 
best for them?

Additionally, there are a few items/topics that I wanted to have an 
initial high-level discussion on - please reply to this email if there 
are more topics you think need to be tabled:

- current status: extension of the WG charter until December, PE Level 2 
advancing to Proposed Recommendation

- browser implementation discussion: status on where we're at with 
real-world support; any quirks that came up during implementation? (I 
found a few issues recently with touch-action: pan-x and touch-action: 
pan-y being VERY fickle about not straying off the vertical/horizontal 
when performing actions like swiping, as it almost immediately fired we need/can we informatively define some "threshold" 
type behavior?)

- future of the WG: do we intend to recharter for work on PE Level 3? We 
have some items in GH marked as future-v3 
- but more importantly, do we have sufficient commitment from all 
participants to warrant recharter, or has interest faded (just looking 
at the response rate - or lack thereof - I get from messages sent to the 
list)? Is there a chance Microsoft, and perhaps even Apple (now that PE 
is "in development" for Safari/Webkit), would want to join a PE Level 3 

- PEP: the Pointer Events Polyfill (which was taken up by the jQuery 
Foundation) appears to be in limbo (due to politics/mergers/refocus of 
the jQuery Foundation/Node Foundation); should the WG, or one of the 
participant members (Mozilla? Google? ...) take up the mantle of PEP? If 
so, how would we go about this?


Patrick H. Lauke | |
twitter: @patrick_h_lauke | skype: patrick_h_lauke

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