Pointer Events 2 results

Folks, Philippe has kindly helped with trying to run the tests/compile 
results. However, there seem to be some gaps here with browser support. 
It would be REALLY good if you could check/clarify what the current 
state of these things is, if possible?

Currently, our progression with the spec along the W3C track is likely 
stalled and we may have to see if we can get a further extension of the 
charter, but only if there's still activity/interest in carrying on.

On 09/07/2018 18:44, Philippe Le Hégaret wrote:
 > (feel free to forward this message to a public place if needed)
 > I ran all of the tests the best I was able to:
 > http://w3c.github.io/test-results/pointerevents/all.html
 > I ended up with a 4.42% failure level:
 > http://w3c.github.io/test-results/pointerevents/less-than-2.html
 > The subtest names aren't consistently generated. It affects most
 > pointerevent_attributes_hoverable_pointers-manual.html and generates a
 > semibogus report consequently.
 > I also suspect some of the tests to potentially have some browser
 > specific quirks/behaviors (eg pointerevent_pointerleave_pen-manual.html).
 > Focusing on Pointer Events 2 additions:
 > - We don't have much test for tangentialPressure and twist. I also don't
 > have a device that makes use of those so I wasn't able to test these
 > twos. Both chrome and Firefox claims to support however as shown in the
 > tests

As I have some devices, I suggested that I could help out with some of 
the pen testing.

On 09/07/2018 19:58, Philippe Le Hégaret wrote:
> Can you generate non-zero values for tangentialPressure and twist in the 
> following pointer events monitor:
> https://www.w3.org/2018/07/pointerevents.html

Ok, tried those using my Wacom Intuos S under Win 10 - the art pen/felt 
pen has a twist sensor, and the airbrush pen has an additional wheel 
that's supposed to work as tangential/barrel pressure setting.

Results so far:

* Edge doesn't seem to have implemented twist nor tangentialPressure 
support at all - the properties are missing in generated pointer events; 
they attributes thankfully are present in Chrome and Firefox.

* Chrome correctly supports twist (turning the art pen along its axis / 
rolling it between my fingers gives me values from 0-359); one oddity is 
that this only works when the pen is hovering over the digitizer surface 
- as soon as I set the pen down on the digitizer surface, twist resets 
to zero and doesn't react to any pen rolling. As I see this also 
apparently happening when I'm using Photoshop and the Wacom, I suspect 
this MAY be hardware-based limitation (similar to something like palm 
rejection), but can't be sure without having a way to see the actual 
data/values passed from the hardware/the system API.

* Although Chrome does have the tangentialPressure property, but I can't 
seem to get any value other than zero when using the airbrush pen. Not 
sure if this is something to do with a bug/imperfect implementation in 
Chrome, or perhaps the driver software for the Wacom. I did manage to 
check that the wheel on the airbrush does indeed work in Photoshop, but 
the way it works maybe is unusual: turning the wheel itself doesn't seem 
to change anything directly, but the position of the wheel does 
influence other aspects once the pen clicks/touches the digitizer. So 
for instance, setting up Photoshop correctly, I can use an airbrush 
tool, and while the pen touches the digitizer/presses down, I can use 
the wheel to determine the strength of the pressure (see 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t85gxJTN_MQ for instance). Not sure how 
this is reflected in terms of values passed on via the hardware/system 
API though...wondering if Chrome expects values to come in a certain 
way, but instead they're only generated in some other way? Or the 
plumbing just isn't connected behind the scenes?

* Firefox's PE implementation seems a bit broken still. I noticed, for 
one, that hovering a pen/stylus over the digitizer works correctly (and 
the pointer is identified as as hovering "pen"), but as soon as the pen 
touches the digitizer it's all of a sudden reported as "touch". The 
pressure attribute doesn't seem to change either. This happened both 
when testing the Wacom and the basic stylus on Surface 3.

* In Firefox, both twist and tangentialPressure are present but remain zero.

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