Next WG call tomorrow? (was Re: Open issues on Pointer Events - some triage needed)

On 27/02/2018 20:26, Navid Zolghadr wrote:
> If I recall the last call correctly we went over the issues once and 
> marked all blocking ones and apparently addressed them all. But it 
> doesn't hurt to go through them again and make sure we are still okay 
> with addressing the rest in the next versions or if there is anything we 
> want to fix for v2.

I've gone through and marked the ones that appear out of scope/future/v3 
to me. That reduced the overall number slightly, but will be good to 
just get those cleared or deferred.

> Aside from the spec issues I remember we need 2 passing implementations 
> for each test to move the spec to recommendation. Patrick, is that still 
> the case?

Yes. From what I understand, it doesn't necessarily need to be all 
green, but at least we'd need to show that things are 
moving/implementers are working towards passing the tests.


> Patrick, can we go with Olli's suggestion and setup the first voice 
> call? We used to have them on Wednesday mornings if I recall correctly? 
> Is that still good for people?

Tomorrow (Wednesday 7 March 2018, 11:00 am Eastern) would be good. Do we 
still want to use WebEx, or something else?


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