Re: [pointerevents] Extend pointer events to support raw trackpad data

1. In our current implementation, it returns 0 since we did not touch the logic in this area as part of our initial commit. I've opened a bug to change this behavior so that we return 2 in this case instead.

2. No. Since PTP is still a "fine" pointing device, we didn't think it made sense to update these media queries.

3. For zooming, there is no scaling; each contact’s relative position to the center at the start of the gesture becomes their relative position to the cursor position on the screen with no scaling (a contact +200x/+200y himetric from the gesture center on the down will translate to a point a +200x/+200y himetric from the cursor location on the screen. For panning, we do scale the input slightly based on velocity. It's worth noting that in both of the aforementioned cases, we believe that scaling is optional/best left to the discretion of implementing user agents so that they create experiences that "feel right" for them.

4. In our current implementation, we do not do an implicit capture when we emulate touch. As a result, releasePointerCapture only does something if setPointerCapture is called on an element other than the element that is under the cursor first. We have a change going in currently to alter this behavior so that we will fire gotPointerCapture (as we do for touch) for implicit capture of the element under the cursor when a gesture begins. If releasePointerCapture is called in the implicit capture case, hit-testing will start on the element under the cursor (which will not move while we are processing gestures)

5. All events are fired to the element under the cursor location, so pointers will not target different elements/frames.

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Received on Thursday, 11 January 2018 17:29:28 UTC