Re: [pointerevents] When to continue firing pointer events after a drag operation?

Sorry. I missed this one too before. Alright. You are right. We recently started sending pointercancel after drag operation starts and I intentionally for the first round didn't send the boundary events. We already hit some regressions in some js library by sending pointercancel when mouse starts dragging and we send pointercancel for it. But now we solved them and didn't hear anything else so far.
Regarding the boundary events I believe we adhere to the spec and send the leave/out right after pointercancel. If Edge does that this is correct and as you said Chrome doesn't do that which is no spec compliant. btw, does Edge send pointercancel when dragstarts for the mouse? I didn't know they added that then. If so bravo to them :)

Regarding the other question of when to start sending pointerevents again, spec never mentioned the same thing for scrolling case (which also caused pointercancel) either. So I'm not how to exactly include that in the spec to preferably cover all the cases. Do you have any suggestion?

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Received on Friday, 3 November 2017 13:41:24 UTC