Re: [pointerevents] setPointerCapture should be disabled in sandboxed iframes by default

@schieb: thanks for the suggestion.  We discussed a much more 
permissive (but more hacky) form of that restriction in [the chromium 
bug]( and
 Microsoft folks were concerned that it would break some legitimate 
use cases (eg. where one frame `postMessage's` to another to tell it 
to capture a pointer).  For example, there's a scenario in Google 
Feedback where you can drag on a resize handle inside the feedback 
frame itself which delegates to the containing frame to actually 
resize the iframe container in response to that dragging.  That's done
 today by just postMessaging the pointer position, but would be 
simpler and more efficient if the inner frame could just tell it's 
containing frame that it's time to capture the pointer over it's 
iframe element.  But I'm not really convinced that these use cases are
 valuable enough to justify the complexity of needing a solution for 
sandboxed iframes.

One idea is to add a metric to Chrome to track what fraction of 
`setPointerCapture` calls today would violate a restriction like that.
  If it's essentially zero, then there shouldn't be much harm in 
having such a restriction for now, and exploring lifting it only if we
 get reports of concrete use cases people want to enable but can't.


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Received on Wednesday, 11 January 2017 20:35:45 UTC