Re: [pointerevents] setPointerCapture should be disabled in sandboxed iframes by default

I would suggest that element.setPointerCapture(id) should only be 
possible in response to an event dispatched to that element from 

This solves the iframe and even same document issues ensuring that 
capture is only occurring for elements that are being interacted with.
 In the rare cases where a developer may need to capture events from 
an area distant from the control they are conceptually related to then
 the event handler must be placed at some parent node, e.g. the 

If that suggestion is followed, then I do not think a sandbox 
attribute for allow-pointer-capture is necessary because the iframe 
contents will only be able to enter capture when they are interacted 
with and capture will be released when user interaction ceases 
(pointer exits the active buttons state).

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Received on Wednesday, 11 January 2017 18:28:43 UTC