Re: [pointerevents] Pointer capture should prevent HTML drag+drop (DnD)

@dtapuska mentioned a scenario that I missed earlier. @smaug----  @appsforartists, the long press touch causes the drag to start and since we have an implicit capturing for touches then if we were to give priority to capture over drag then the drag can never possibly start with touch on the web pages that don't know about pointer events and don't explicitly release the capture on touches! I don't think this is acceptable as it is a breaking change for dragging of touches.

As opposed to what I said [earlier](

> We can go either way. The initial discussion ...

we can not go either way. So basically capture cannot take priority over capture because I the reason I mentioned.

Circling back to [my first solution](
- `pointercancel` (and `lostpointercapture` if needed) will be dispatched immediately before `dragstart`.
- If the author doesn't like that, the author ought to `downEvent.preventDefault()` to prevent drag from occurring.

I believe we agreed on this solution as well before this "capture priority over DnD" came into the picture. So are we still good with this solution here?

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