Re: [pointerevents] Enable direct pen and touch to have different touch-action behavior

> its solving a completely different problem.

I didn't mean it solves this problem. I mean that `pointer-type` media query could be started used instead of `pointer` media query and the idea of `pointer` media query was to abstract types from concrete, like `touch`. But yes, `pointer` media query is unrelated to the problem in this issue. I'm just worried about its future.

> thats not a problem? you can do that today

Sorry, I don't get. Having element background property set to `red` and `blue` doesn't make it having red and blue at the same time. Same with `pointer-type`. I doubt that someone will be scrolling and drawing at the same time though. 

> they apply based on state of the element.

On the whole document then because @media query are global (unless shadow dom?) to the document (just correction, not that I disagree here).

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Received on Tuesday, 9 May 2017 23:48:20 UTC