Re: [pointerevents] Enable direct pen and touch to have different touch-action behavior

> Am I the only one to find three levels of parameters (type + capabilities + action) too complicated? Any chance we may not need pointerMovementScrolls at all if we have touch-action-pointers?

It's definitely complicated but I think they represent different thing.  `touch-action` is an API from the developer to the browser saying where they do and do not want scrolling.  `pointerMovementScrolls` is an API from the browser to the developer saying which devices support `touch-action` at all.  Maybe there's a better name for that?  I'm also not convinced `pointerMovementScrolls` is that valuable - at the PE hackathon people were just concerned about how `touch` behaves differently than other pointers and not wanting developers to make assumptions about `pointerType` related to that.

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Received on Friday, 5 May 2017 20:56:13 UTC