Re: [pointerevents] Normatively make touch-action apply for direct-manipulation pen devices

> oblique question: if you had a device where you use a mouse to move a visible pointer on screen, and then clicking-and-dragging also resulted in scrolling...would you call that a direct manipulation pointing device" too? that's the scenario i was thinking about when i added the "(direct or indirect)" bit (and as an example: Chrome on desktop with DevTools in mobile emulation mode)

Right, good question.  I think we'd want to treat such a device exactly as we're saying direct devices should be treated, but I see the argument that it's potentially confusing to call it "direct" (so I think what we're debating here is just terminology, not behavior).  The devtools case is maybe misleading because it's definitely aiming to emulate a touch as closely as possible, so from a spec/platform perspective we should think of that exactly like a touch.  But maybe a Wii remote or something that has grab-to-scroll behavior.

The essential property IMHO is the "pointer movement scrolls" bit.  I'm happy to use a better term for devices that have that property if anyone can think of one that's better than "direct manipulation".

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