Re: [pointerevents] Should pressure be set to 1 or .5 on devices that don't report it?

To the best of my knowledge EVERY desktop app treats max pressure = 
max brush size (and I have seen a lot of apps.) And if you're delving 
into physical parallels - I've never used a paint roller that changes 
width the harder I press, and especially not by 50% (pressure not 
affecting width is the case for almost all physical artist tools, 
pencil, pen, marker, charcoal, chalk, with the exception of sumi and 
some camel hair brushes). 

A 0.5 default is opening yourselves for inconsistencies. A app is 
going to draw full width when running on a non-PE system and 50% on a 
PE system, or the developer has to special case for PE systems.

Look - I'm just trying to help you guys out. This is a total non-issue
 with Wacom products. We will ALWAYS report we have pressure, even if 
we don't. And if we don't, we'll report 0% or 100%. This is what we've
 found works best for desktop apps. So we will never hit the code that
 sets the default to 50%.

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Received on Wednesday, 5 October 2016 23:09:35 UTC