Re: [pointerevents] pointerup pressure should always be 0

_aside:_ It's really confusing that there are e-mail thread and GitHub
 issues discussing the same thing.  I keep seeing "Posting Dave 
Fleck's reply to GitHub" messages.  It would be great if he would just
 comment here himself.


I didn't have anything to do with the current spec, but I suspect the 
motivation is that 1 is pressing really hard with a tablet, where .5 
is closer to the amount of pressure someone would normally apply.  If 
you change the default to 1, you're either going to end up with really
 thin lines when a pointer supports pressure or really thick lines 
when it doesn't.

To test this hypothesis, I used my Wacom Intuos in Firefox and a 
Surface Book in Chrome.  In both cases, normal strokes reported a 
pressure around .3-.5.  1 is pressing pretty hard.

Thinking as engineers, it's tempting to make it binary: 1 is down and 
0 is off.  However, I suspect applications that actually care about 
pressure will work better with .5 - it's closer to the amount of 
pressure someone would probably be applying if the pointer reported it

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Received on Wednesday, 21 September 2016 19:56:00 UTC