Re: [pointerevents] Should Element.hasPointerCapture return true when set pointer capture to another element and release it immediately?

You understanding is correct regarding postponing 
got/lostpointercapture and immediately taking effect in 
As you can see in [this 
 "hasPointerCapture" returns true or false only based on 
pendingPointerCaptureTarget which immediately gets updates as the 
result of call to setPointerCapture and releasePointerCapture. So the 
return value of the function immediately takes effect when calling 
set/releasePointerCapture. But whether an element received 
got/lostpointercapture is a delayed notion defined in [process pending
 point](url) and will be processed before the next pointerevent.

If you are confused with why hasPointerCapture is defined in a way 
that takes effect immediately as oppose to the got/lostpointercapture 
delayed model maybe it helps to read the related issue #121 . There 
are some justifications for this behavior.

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Received on Thursday, 18 August 2016 01:47:32 UTC