Re: [pointerevents] Could we ever do implicit capture for all pointer types?

Not necessarily, I think we could have the built-in drag-and-drop 
still work when captured.  More challenging is perhaps HTML5 DnD APIs.
  [That](  appears 
to still work with the extension, but probably only because we still 
have the boundary events (not yet modifying hit-test during capture 
for mouse).

Here's one possible compromise that's more rational that the 
touch/mouse split.  We could state that drag and drop has the effect 
of releasing pointer capture (although we'd have to specify that this 
is ALL dragging as triggered as the default action of mousedown, not 
just HTML5 DnD where elements opt-in with `draggable`).  Then mouse 
dragging by default would not be captured (but would be if you 
`preventDefault` the `mousedown`), but touch would be.

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Received on Friday, 29 July 2016 19:32:58 UTC