[pointerevents] Could we ever do implicit capture for all pointer types?

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== Could we ever do implicit capture for all pointer types? ==
In #8 we're discussing doing implicit capture for touch.  At the 
hackathon we discussed the "crazy" idea of doing implicit capture for 
all pointer types and agreed it would almost certainly be too breaking
 to change long-standing mouse event behavior (and any other option we
 could think of would be fraught with problems).

But I'm still wondering if there might still be some long-term path 
here (i.e. not something I'd want to couple to shipping pointer events
 in Chrome in the first place, but a possible transition later).

To help provide some data on this question @scottgonzalez wrote [this 
  You can try it out by using the "download zip" option in GitHub, 
unzip to a folder, then "load unpacked extension" in 
chrome://extensions.  After a few minutes of playing on major sites I 
haven't yet found an issue.  I'm sure there's tons of breakage out 
there, but still maybe it's not as intractable as we thought?

Note that Chrome doesn't yet [alter hit-testing during capture for 
mouse](https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=629921) -
 only for touch.  So this isn't a complete test.

One thing that would break for sure is :hover styles during dragging, 
but maybe some rationalization will come out of #123 that would help.

Long term, if we imagine a world where >80% of web usage is via a 
phone (we're already at >50% by many measures) then maybe eventually 
changing the long-standing model of mouse isn't entirely insane?

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