Re: [pointerevents] What should be the 'detail' property of pointer events?

There's two different types of compat competing here:

1. Compat with Edge's existing behavior: it's possible, thought 
unlikely, that by setting `detail` to non-zero it could break some 
2. Compat between `PointerEvent` and `MouseEvent`: it's possible that 
having detail=0 is breaking some code originally designed for 
`MouseEvent`.  Since Edge has presumably always had this behavior, I'm
 assuming the risk here is very low.

FWIW I consider the use of `detail` for this in UIEvents to be a hack 
for legacy reasons (very few people understand it, having a property 
whose semantics vary depending on the event is ugly).  Given that Edge
 has just been using 0, my preference would be to match that behavior.
  If knowing the click count is actually valuable to anyone (I think 
it probably is), we should just define a new `clickCount` property to 
represent it explicitly.

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Received on Monday, 4 July 2016 15:05:59 UTC