Re: [pointerevents] What should be the 'detail' property of pointer events?

That is correct. It is click count. Alternatively we can say 'detail' 
is always zero and we can add another property 'clickcount' to 
pointerevents to make it more clear.

The way it is defined in UI Event is that the particular events like 
"mousedown", "mouseup", ... and stuff like that have this definition 
of detail. So although pointerevent is the child of mouseevent 
structure we still might need a note mentioning that we do the same 
for "pointerdown", "pointerup", ...
However, one more important question maybe for @jacobrossi or @teddink
 is whether there was a reason they set this property to 0 in Edge?

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Received on Monday, 4 July 2016 14:57:41 UTC