Re: [pointerevents] Incorrect order of the events in process pending pointer capture section

> Problem 1. Current spec wording misses the firing of out/leave 
events when the capturing directly "moves" from one element to 
another. Edge fires the events in a logical manner, not following the 
spec (from step 5 to end)

I agree we should just fix this in the spec.

> Problem 2'. Before "blue" receives pointermove in step 22, it should
 receive pointerover/enter. Spec is silent again as in Problem 1, but 
Edge follows the spec this time.

Why do you say blue should receive pointerover/enter?  Even when 
captured, I thought an element should get over/enter only when the 
cursor has crossed into the bounds of the element.

> Problem 3. After "blue" captures the pointer (step 19), "green" 
shouldn't receive any event. So firing of pointerout/leave to "green" 
(steps 20, 21) is conceptually wrong even though the spec suggests the
 same order if "green" hadn't captured the mouse in step 5. Edge 
implementation seems to follow the spec order.

I agree that seems more logical.  The implications in practice aren't 
clear to me though - are there scenarios that would work better or 
worse given this change?

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Received on Tuesday, 8 March 2016 20:05:53 UTC