Re: [pointerevents] Issue with compatibility mouse events and inconsistency with mouse pointerevent

I agree with you Patrick. But in this spec we did mention 
mouseover/enter/out/leave events explicitly to be fired after 
corresponding pointer events. If you agree firing these events may 
already cause some inconsistency in the mouse event stream and to make
 them consistent we need more effort how about not mentioning those 
events in this spec at all.

Looking at this section:

the suggested solution has the problem we talked about in this issue. 
Although I can see it mentions that this way of sending compat mouse 
events are optional and agents can choose a way of sending compat 
mouse events that is has most compatibility but maybe not mentioning 
the solution can open future avenues to have a better compat mouse 
events definition in some other spec or something.

Also I was wondering if you are aware of any developers that depend on
 the suggested solution in the spec (i.e. the mouse/pointer events in 
that sequence) when they run on Edge.

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Received on Monday, 7 March 2016 15:40:33 UTC