Re: [pointerevents] Issue with compatibility mouse events and inconsistency with mouse pointerevent

unless i'm misunderstanding, i'd say that it's important that pointer 
events are consistent in the sequence of events they dispatch, but 
that it would require quite a bit of extra work to somehow define that
 the compat mouse events also need to have a self contained mapping. 
fundamentally, you're trying to shoehorn the concept of mouse (a 
single pointer device) into a multi-pointer environment. it can 
certainly be done, but basically you want for every pointer to always 
"close out" the compat mouse event stream from the idealised single 
pointer and then "enter" the context of where the pointer just acted. 
a lot of effort/keeping track i'd say.

my view would be: if a developer is only looking at mouse events in a 
multi-touch/multi-input environment, events which are there primarily 
for compatibility, then...they can expect some rough sequence jumps.

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Received on Saturday, 5 March 2016 11:07:23 UTC