Re: [pointerevents] Touch-action doesn't permit direction-specific scroll AND pinch-zoom

@jacobrossi / @teddink I think this is ultimately a question for you.
  I think it's important for accessibility that we add something here.
  Ideally I'd rather just match what Edge has already shipped: 
'pinch-zoom`, even just as a token which we define using the more 
general spec language about "continuous zooming".  But if using that 
token is a scope issue and Edge is willing to ship a 2nd token with 
the same implementation, then I'm fine with either the simple (but 
possibly confusing) `zoom` or the more specific (but probably still 
confusing) `continuous-zoom`.

Alternately, we could perhaps say that "continuous zooming" is enabled
 if-and-only-if panning in at least one direction is enabled.  Off the
 top of my head I can't think of any real-world scenarios where you'd 
want to disable continuous zoom without also disabling panning in all 
directions.  But this is a breaking change, so probably better to be 

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Received on Thursday, 4 February 2016 22:05:10 UTC