Re: [pointerevents] Touch-action doesn't permit direction-specific scroll AND pinch-zoom

Here's an idea for a term that is both highly descriptive yet refers 
only to the effect (not the input): "Positioned Incrementally and 
Naturally Continuously Handled zoom".  This is obviously too long for 
a CSS token, so we'd abbreviate it `pinch-zoom`.  Oh, look at that, 
Edge already shipped this name, that's a happy coincidence!

Seriously, inventing a new token that's more confusing to developers 
than the identical feature  already shipped elsewhere is dumb.  I'm 
just going to argue for shipping `pinch-zoom` in blink as a defacto 
standard, even if it's not in the official spec.

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Received on Tuesday, 22 March 2016 04:58:06 UTC