Re: [pointerevents] Value of button attribute for pointermove event

Upon consultation with the developer that owns this area for Edge, I 
believe bethge gets it with his last response. When a pointerevent is 
triggered by a button change, event.button will have that value.

So for non-chorded case, pointerdown/pointerup will have the button 
that was pressed/lifted, but when the mouse is moved while the button 
is down, the button doesn’t trigger those events, so button is -1, the
 default value.

For chorded case, a chorded press will trigger a pointermove event, so
 event.button will be the newly pressed button. As bethge mentioned, 
without this you would need to keep track of extra state to figure out
 which button press caused the pointermove.

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Received on Monday, 1 February 2016 22:50:24 UTC