Re: [pointerevents] Value of button attribute for pointermove event

I have mulled it over some more and I feel like I now fully grasp the 
implications of this line:
> [...]. In order to facilitate differentiating button state 
transitions in any pointer event (and not just pointerdown and 
pointerup), the button property takes on a new value when no mouse 
buttons are depressed: [...]

Iiuc, since chorded button interactions do not trigger `pointerdown` 
and `pointerup` events, a pointerevent `e` with `e.button > -1` would 
be the only way to identify a button state transition (without using 
external state).
When mirroring `mousemove`, I cannot see a way to tell apart a button 
state transition from a change in position.

Edge's behaviour would make it a lot easier to only trigger a function
 if the (chorded) button state changes.

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Received on Monday, 1 February 2016 14:09:06 UTC