RE: [pointerevents] Spec implies mice can't support pressure

Sounds reasonable to me.

Also seems like a good opportunity to discuss whether it makes sense to do some work around force touch as well? It is easy to imagine a broader world of touchpads that support pressure and haptic feedback with scenarios for force touch.


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== Spec implies mice can't support pressure == The spec says: 

> For hardware that does not support pressure, including but not
limited to mouse, the value must be 0.5 when in the active buttons state and 0 otherwise.

Which implies it's impossible for a mouse to support pressure.  Fouch touch touchpads on Mac OS are a real-world example that violates this,  and I think we should plumb force out to `PointerEvent.pressure` on Mac OS.

Can we just remove the "including but not limited to mouse"?  Or replace it with "(for example, most mice)"?

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