Re: Is touchpad scrolling exposed to JavaScript at all in Edge?

Would be great to have touchpad as a separate pointerType or make touchpad
fire touch events, at least on high quality touchpads like on Macbooks and

2015-12-01 17:31 GMT+02:00 Rick Byers <>:

> Not exactly pointer events, but the right folks are here I think:
> I was surprised to see that the touchpad on my Surfacebook doesn't
> generate 'wheel' events.  That's great for scroll performance!
> But is there any way for developers to see or influence the touchpad
> scroll behavior?  Eg. Bing maps doesn't feel great to me (no way to
> pan/zoom with the touchpad, just bounces around if I try to scroll).
> For Chrome I know there are many sites that rely on seeing 'wheel' (or
> 'mousewheel') events, eg. to implement scrolling themselves, or to
> selectively disable/enable scrolling.  So we're probably stuck firing
> 'wheel' on touchpads :-(
> Rick

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