Is touchpad scrolling exposed to JavaScript at all in Edge?

Not exactly pointer events, but the right folks are here I think:

I was surprised to see that the touchpad on my Surfacebook doesn't generate
'wheel' events.  That's great for scroll performance!

But is there any way for developers to see or influence the touchpad scroll
behavior?  Eg. Bing maps doesn't feel great to me (no way to pan/zoom with
the touchpad, just bounces around if I try to scroll).

For Chrome I know there are many sites that rely on seeing 'wheel' (or
'mousewheel') events, eg. to implement scrolling themselves, or to
selectively disable/enable scrolling.  So we're probably stuck firing
'wheel' on touchpads :-(


Received on Tuesday, 1 December 2015 15:31:54 UTC