Re: iOS 8's new "slow tap" heuristic

On 24/09/2014 15:13, Rick Byers wrote:
> Thanks Patrick!  I confirm I see the same thing.  Apparently I missed
> this in my own testing of the beta build (too bad, I know they were
> eager for feedback on any issues).

It's easy to miss...who'd think that tapping for < 125ms and > 125ms 
would cause such different behavior...

> The heuristic is an interesting one.  I wonder how well 150ms
> discriminates between taps in practice.  We don't have great data on
> this, but we do know that about half of all single-finger gestures on
> Chrome complete in <150ms - so that suggests this isn't going to be a
> big help to addressing the click delay problem on it's own.

Purely subjectively, doing a "slow" tap - even just doing it for my test 
- feels ever so slightly too long and forced/unnatural. I had to be very 
deliberate in doing it. So yes, I doubt in practice this will have any 
perceivable effect / won't be good enough for devs to avoid implementing 
something more explicit like fastclick.js

> The bug with touchend disposition being ignored is aweful!  The old
> Android browser used to ignore touchend dispositions and it was a huge
> source of pain.  Hopefully this is something they can fix quickly, it'll
> be a real pain to work around (probably exacerbate the problem of sites
> ignoring mouse events when touch events are supported).  Please let us
> know when you've filed the bug.

Filed the bug (admittedly with a bit of polemic included, but hopefully 
it'll get some answers)

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