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On Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 1:32 PM, Arthur Stolyar <>

> One more thing.
> I understand that separation scroll and touch-move is one of base goals of
> pointer events. But can we have options to disable threaded scroll and give
> control over scroll to developers? I mean full control. Ability to
> stop/resume scrolling in any time while pointer is active and so on.
> May be CSS property which disables threaded scroll and then control that
> scroll via JS inside pointermove events.

I've got a rough proposal for exactly that sort of thing (I called it
"scroll-delay") here:
 I personally don't see any reason why carefully engineered apps shouldn't
be allowed to opt-in to 'scroll-delay: pointermove' causing scrolling to be
synchronous with event handling.  I'd love any feedback folks have on the

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