Re: Browsers, Developers and Pointer Events Meeting Notes

Still see only one problem with pointer events for now which is hit-testing
on move. I think spec can be updated to add css or js option to disable it
either when capture is on or not.

Also, for now with TE it's not possible to make adequate Pull To Refresh,
it still 'll be some sort of tricky hacks. So if Safari do not want to go
forward, it's not big difference to support TE or PE, but PE is more
prefered by developers. Please, extend PE but not TE.

2014-08-28 11:46 GMT+03:00 Patrick H. Lauke <>:

> On 27/08/2014 22:57, Kris Borchers wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> The jQuery Foundation recently pulled together a meeting of
>> representatives from IE, Chrome, Firefox, Dojo, IBM and the different
>> jQuery project teams. We met to talk about Chrome’s decision to not
>> implement Pointer Events, other browser thoughts and plans around Pointer
>> Events and the future of Pointer Events from the point of view of
>> library/framework maintainers and developers. Below are the notes from that
>> meeting and they can also be viewed in this document
>> 0CUwhyenaB5FZeob0HK9DcD85lC1sH6cA
> Thanks for pulling together this meeting Kris (you may vaguely remember me
> from the jQuery Europe conf in Vienna earlier this year, where I presented
> on - no surprise there - touch and pointer events).  Good to see some
> further rationale explanation and indications on steps forward for PE, as
> up to recently I was left with the impression that after sinking time and
> effort into working on the spec, it was given the kiss of death.
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