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RE: Missing rotation attribute on PointerEvent [Honeywell Internal]

From: Hickman, Steve (AdvTech) <Steve.Hickman@honeywell.com>
Date: Sun, 19 Jan 2014 14:25:05 +0000
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A prior thread from 2 April 2013 discussed the addition of a rotation attribute to Pointer event. While I also see a need for specifying "rotation" information,  I'm not certain that adding this to a Pointer event is the correct solution.  Input devices can have a lot of functionality.  If the spec continues to expand to include all possible functionality, the event structures will become unwieldy.   Consider this as the equivalent of the CISC vs. RISC debate - do we continue to add more fields to existing events or create smaller, highly focused events, and have the devices generate multiple event types depending on their particular combination of functionality?

Some alternative approaches in this case could be:

1)      Adding this to "wheel events" since rotation of a knob is essentially the same as rotation of a wheel. In this case, the wheel event would have absolute position as well as delta.

2)      Creating a separate absolute rotation event that specifies only absolute wheel position. The advantage here is there is no need to try to figure out which fields in the event are to be used. The event type indicates that.

Steve Hickman
System Architect, Flight Deck of the Future

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