Re: Pointer Events types and keyboard/keyboard-like interfaces?

Patrick said,

"I fear that as we move over to pointer events, the same thing will
happen - devs just relying on pointer events as being the "umbrella"
events model that catches "everything"...and still forgetting to address
keyboard/keyboard-like interactions."

I think this is a legitimate fear. I *want* pointer events to be an  
umbrella events model that catches everything, and from feedback I've  
received, developers do, too.

However, we know that developers forget about keyboard access already (and  
other accessibility concerns, such as alternate text for images) so I  
worry that as pointer events catch on, there will be more accessibility  

(And, FWIW, there seems to me no difference between "pointing" at  
something with a mouse, a finger, a pen or by tabbing to it).



Bruce Lawson

Received on Monday, 6 January 2014 16:07:21 UTC