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On 16/04/2014 14:15, Arthur Stolyar wrote:
> Tested on Windows Emulator 12.0 (Window 8.1) with touch events
> emulation. It seams that IE has implicit 'pointer capture' for element
> which may trigger scroll. i.e. if element has 'touch-action: pan-x
> pan-y' or just 'touch-action: auto' CSS property, when all events
> between pointerdown and pointercancel 'll be fired on that element. It
> means that if pointer leaves boudaries of that element, then pointerout
> and pointerleave 'll be fired, but not pointerover and pointerevent on
> new target. Also, IE has some strange behavior with 'pointer capture',
> when IE fires pointerout on element with 'pointer capture' then
> relatedTarget property of event 'll be null, but when IE triggers
> pointerleave on element with 'pointer capture' then relatedTarget
> property of that element 'll be same element as in target property of event.

Do you have a test case/demo? Happy to test on an actual Win8.1 
touchscreen laptop, as it may well be that what you're seeing is an 
artifact of running it in emulator.

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