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RE: Issue: Setting a capture on an offshore element

From: Jacob Rossi <Jacob.Rossi@microsoft.com>
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2014 05:29:33 +0000
To: Fran├žois REMY <francois.remy.dev@outlook.com>, "public-pointer-events@w3.org" <public-pointer-events@w3.org>
Message-ID: <b251d07bfb4840fcbf06fab660dc9806@BY2PR03MB457.namprd03.prod.outlook.com>
Hi Francois,

We opened Bug  21749 based on your feedback [1]. The proposal (comments 2 and 5 in the bug) is that:

1) calling setPointerCapture() on an element not in the document tree throws an exception
2) removing an element that currently has capture must clear the capture and cause a lostpointercapture event to be fired at the document (since input events do not generally get fired at orphaned elements)

Let us know if you think this change is acceptable. Thanks!


[1] https://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=21749

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