Compatibility events

(Unleashing the elephant in the room to stomp and dance)

The current spec is written under the circumstances that implementations
do not have support for touch events nor compatibility pointer events from

non-pointer devices.

Continuing the recent discussion on relations between pointer/touch/mouse
events and when and how to fire them - I've been wondering if some authors
could make use of a method that could be called upon page initialization
to tell the implementation to fire only pointer events, and nothing else.

As per current spec, this is possible when the pointer is primary and
pointerdown is canceled. No details on what to do with TE, which generates
both touch events and mouse events.

Additionally, there are keyboard/joystick only navigation devices which use
anchoring on focusable elements (Opera calls this "spatial navigation") which
have so far generated mouse events as navigating to just the href never actually
worked in practice - I believe implementations that have this feature will need to
generate pointer events in the future since the long term goal is probably to use
more PE in practice.

While there is a CG being discussed, it would be nice to know how much we
can cover in the spec without adding overhead. (Spatial navigation is probably
fine, but that's a bit of a minor feature)

Sangwhan Moon

Received on Tuesday, 22 October 2013 06:30:12 UTC