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[admin] Reminder of Patent Policy for Non-member Contributions

[Bug 22890] New: It is not clear why navigator.pointerEnabled is needed

[Bug 22891] New: Mechanism to differentiate pointer input from multiple users/devices missing

[pointerevents-tests] Initial submission of test cases from Microsoft

ACTION-47: Followup on the TestAssertions re why there are some missing links to PRs/submissions (Pointer Events Working Group)

Apparent inconsistency between W3C Pointer Event spec and EMMA 1.1 spec [Honeywell Internal]

Blink pointer events implementation update

DOMPoint dictionary problem

Draft agenda: 1 October 2013 call

Draft agenda: 10 September 2013

Draft agenda: 30 July 2013

Draft minutes: 10 September 2013 call

Draft minutes: 30 July 2013 call

Enhancement request

Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 8.1 RTM TechNet/MSDN availability

Is there a fix for Github's coarse notification bug?

No PEWG call on 17 September 2013

No PEWG call on 24 September 2013

No PEWG call on 27 August 2013

No PEWG call on 3 September 2013 [Was: Re: No PEWG call on 27 August 2013]

No PEWG call on 6 August 2013

No PEWG call on August 13 and August 20

No PEWG call on July 16 and July 23

No PEWG call on July 9

Pointer Events and default browser behaviour

pointerevents pressure

touch-action on elements that aren't scrolled by their nearest scrollable element ancestor

WebIDL question (was: DOMPoint dictionary problem)

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