Distinguishing input from multiple users

In the specification as of today, there is no reliable way to detect/associate
input from multiple users - as PointerEvent.pointerId is the closest thing that
can be used to detect such a thing, which sadly doesn't guarantee a reliable
pointerId to user mapping.

I see two approaches for resolving this:

1) Re-define PointerEvent.pointerId in a way that:
- How indices are generated and reserved for non-mice is normative, so it
can heuristically map to a specific input device.
- Indices are not recyclable.

(and possibly add the concept of "available pointers", or redefine "active pointers")

2) Add a new deviceId member in the PointerEvent interface.

(and possibly add methods to enumerate available devices)

I'm not sure which would be the best way to handle this, although I am a bit
skeptical about the first idea as detecting the device will possibly leave corner
cases where the heuristics may fail.

Sangwhan Moon, Opera Software ASA

Received on Sunday, 24 March 2013 05:55:26 UTC